Trendy Ways to Use Granite and Marble Slabs in Your Toronto Home Renovation

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What are some of the trendy ways to use granite and marble slabs in Toronto? Natural stone slabs can help turn your Toronto bathroom and kitchen into the rooms of your dreams. Find out how you can tap into renos that will help increase the value of your home.

Granite and Marble Slabs in the Bathroom

Whether you’ve recently moved or have been settled in your home for years, you’ll notice that the bathroom is often one of the first rooms to feel dated. If you have a bathroom renovation in mind, consider how you can best use marble and granite slabs for your Toronto home.
One of the hottest home renovation trends is the addition of a spa-like bathroom retreat. One way to do this is to include a stand-alone tub. Surround your tub with granite or marble tiles to increase the feeling of indulgence and decadence. You may want to consider raising the tub on a pedestal and using marble or granite slabs as stairs.
A granite slab makes a great seat in your shower, giving you a place to relax after a busy day or when you’re too sleepy to stand in the morning. Granite is also a popular natural stone for shelves inside of the shower.
If you love the sound of a crackling fire, this trend is for you. It’s becoming increasingly common to add a fireplace to your bathroom. There’s nothing that will make your bathroom feel like a refuge from the world more than the shimmer of firelight reflecting off of a beautiful marble fireplace. It’s a romantic and relaxing touch. Refined granite is also a good choice for a bathroom fireplace since it resists moisture and staining.

Granite and Marble Slabs in Your Kitchen

Granite remains one of the most popular choices for kitchen countertops across Toronto. It’s stain-resistant, durable, and so hard to scratch that it often dulls knives that strike it. The beauty of marble makes many people yearn to add it to their kitchen but it’s a high maintenance choice. It stains easily, is soft, and can gain permanent pits and etches if it comes in contact with acidic liquid like wine or soda. Even if you clean spills quickly, marble can still be damaged.
There is a way around this. You can now find granite that mimics the look of marble. From fine veining to bold swirls, there are many types of marble-like granite available for your kitchen.
If you prefer a more creative look and are worried that granite and marble slabs will make your kitchen look like every other renovation in Toronto, there may be a solution. Take another look at the colours available. You can find blues, greens, and even reds that will add a splash of colour and personality to your kitchen.
It’s important to consider all of your current décor colours before picking your countertop. Take the curtains, walls, cabinets, and even the fixtures into consideration. Ask your fabricator or renovator if they have a small sample of your preferred colour and material so you can take it into the room and see how it looks.
With a little research, you can bring the hottest trends for granite and marble slabs into your Toronto home.